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Transitioning From Television Ads to Internet Ads

Transitioning From Television Ads to Internet Ads

  Proper marketing and advertising have always been such a vital part of any successful business, and as times change, so must the methods of reaching out to the targeted audience.  The youth of today live in a very technologically dominated world.  Due to the access of which they have, it is necessary for businesses to place ads accordingly where they think will get the most exposure to the people they want to see it.  To stay in the game, you have to adapt, and that is exactly what many companies are doing.  

Making the Switch

  People use a variety of means to access media. With that being said, many businesses are finding that their ads receive more exposure online than they would on television.  The amount of people that use the internet on a daily basis exceeds that of the amount of people who watch television for an extensive amount of time.  Not only is the population of the intended audience for certain advertisements decreasing by using television, but the price to air those ads on television are more expensive than it would be to place them on the internet.  By using key words on the internet, businesses can draw much more attention upon themselves at a lower cost.    

Proven Results

       As stated in the above video of my expert, Peter Bekisz, Keuka College, which he works at, has saved a substantial amount of money since switching from television ads to ads strategically placed on YouTube.  The specific ad he was discussing was used to promote a scholarship based off of community service.  This year was the first time the school was broadcasting the ad on another form of media other than the television.  They had previously been spending $80,000 and television advertisement.  Now, they specify the amount they pay for each view.  In addition, they can target the ad based on certain criteria.  They found that for 25% of the investment, they can bring the leads up 33%. Results show that the new method is more efficient in reaching the particular audience of which they are after; in this case, 18-19 year old college bound students.  They can also benchmark the ads to see which parts of the ads are more effective and what happens when somebody clicks on the link to the video.  Through the use of analytic tools, the school can also track conversions when a student submits the scholarship application so that they can see how much money they are actually spending.  Needless to say, the switch has been highly beneficial for Keuka College, and this is just one example of the success making the switch can potentially bring to any business.

The ad can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Keuka College - Community Achievement Award

Benefits of Online Advertising 

       Internet marketing helps businesses to attract potential customers who are already looking for the products and services that they offer.  This enables the business to draw in those prospects who are ready to make a commitment.  Businesses use what is called a “pay per click” system which allows for drawing in prospects who live within a certain area.  Such advertisements can spark an interest amongst the viewer, and by clicking the link, they have the choice to gain more knowledge on whatever it is the advertisement is brining to attention.  As reputation grows in a good manner, so will the profits.  

Simplicity as a Factor

       From the customers prospective, it is much easier to click a link and take further action than it is to see an ad on tv and call a number or visit a website unless it is really persuasive and captivating.  It may seem lazy, but that is the reality.  People are more responsive to simplicity.  The more that a business is able to get interested customers to their websites, the more they’ll succeed in the long run.  Sales will eventually began to increase as the website gains more exposure.  The layout of the website is extremely important as well.  It should contain sufficient information that the customer needs to see in order to propel them to make a purchase.  It should be inviting and helpful. 

Adapting With the Times

       The internet is definitely overtaking television as a desired form of relaying advertisements.  Studies show that it is less expensive and more efficient than previous methods.  If used correctly, online ads can boost any company's sales.  It's not to say that businesses will completely move away from using television ads, but online ads seem to be more reasonable and efficient in the long run, not only saving money, but increasing profits or desired results.  


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